Thursday, June 6, 2013

Download Nimbuzz 2014 - 2015 تحميل برنامج نيم باز

Nmbz program Nimbuzz of the most famous in the world of chat programs and Messenger and competes months chat programs and ÇáăÇÓäĚŃ known, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and other means of communication between people around the world. Nimbuzz gives you the possibility open other Eamils in Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter and Hotmail Baladavah to Your Account in Nimbuzz 2014. Thus be able through the program to open all your means of communication with ease. There are two versions of the program version for mobile phones according to the type of each phone and a special version with personal computers is that you're not put on this subject. You can also through Nim Paz program Agra international communications through the official website of the program as there are a lot of other features Cetkchwha yourself.

The program is free.
Official website of the program
Program size: 17 MB only.
Runs on windows systems
Windows XP, Vista and 7

Download Nimbuzz 2014 - 2015 Here