Friday, June 14, 2013

Upcoming Smartphone 2014

Canonical announced that a  smartphone having Ubuntu will come in 2014 . Phone will have a ARM and x86 both processors.This Ubuntu’s OS will be fully compatible to let Android phone makers run it on their devices.

 Apple iPhone Mini

Apple is expected to launch iPhone Mini in next year 2014.As the name suggests this will have a smaller screen than the existing model.This phone for the huge people who are not able to purchase iPhone 5.

Sony Xperia Yuga 5inch Phone

A 5 inch Sony Xperia Yuga is believed to be release in 2014.This Android 4.2.1 running smartphone has 1080p display.Device runs on 1.5GHz quad core Qualcomm processor with 2GB RAM.GPU is Adreno 320.There is a wonderful 12 Megapixel camera.So that’s all in Upcoming Smartphone of 2014.For More Upcoming Details.Keep Checking